Coaching Solutions

Is your company facing issues similar to these?

  • Revenues and profits are not where they should be.
  • Your strategic plans look decent, but don’t translate into actions.
  • You have poor team alignment and execution.
  • Your competitors and industry are moving forward while you are at a standstill.
  • The Four DecisionsTM Workshops, Executive Forums and Corporate Offsite Facilitation all serve as solutions for these problems.


Moving forward with Blue Sky

  • Step 1– Complimentary Assessment: determine where you are, what’s working, and what’s not. We answer what and who will provide you the best solution.
  • Step 2– We map your GO TO location
  • Step 3– Begin your climb to the top and move your base stations, just like climbing Mount Everest: one station at a time.
  • Step 4- Establish mastery in the Four DecisionsTM process and the Rockefeller habits.


Four Decisions Workshops

The Four Decisions Workshop will teach you to consider the areas of people, strategy, execution and cash in order to create a straegic plan and implement it.

These decisions generate alignment, allowing you to promptly execute planning and ultimately accelerate growth fo your company.

2 day program: Provides an in-depth starting point for the program over a two day period.

1 day program: Gives an overview of the program in only one day!


Executive Forums

Let Blue Sky be your resource for unbiased feedback and advice.

Gain an outside perspective of your company from 6–12 experienced CEOs.

This is an opportunity to work ON your business instead of IN your business, by participating in a peer advisory board and creating an opportunity to meet with other business owners and executives to discuss issues and challenges. The forums allow you to gain fresh ideas and new perspectives that will help you better your business.


Corporate Offsite Facilitation

The Corporate Offsite Facilitation program will help you create an effective agenda in order to  keep your executive/management team on target and on task. Members of the team will be provided with outside facilitation so they are able to participate and maximize the use of their time, in order to achieve their goals.